Richard P. Valencia


Mr. Valencia has served on our board of directors since June 2018. Mr. Valencia has served as President of Qualcomm Life, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, since its formation in December 2011. Qualcomm Life focuses on commercial healthcare activities and offers products and services to enable wireless connectivity of medical devices and healthcare networks.  As President of Qualcomm Life, Mr. Valencia has also overseen Qualcomm’s healthcare venture funds, dRx Capital and Qualcomm Life Fund. Prior to joining Qualcomm Life, Mr. Valencia served as Vice President and General Manager of Qualcomm Wireless Health beginning in October 2010.  Earlier in his career, Mr. Valencia founded ProfitLine, Inc., a telecommunications expense management service provider, and served as Chief Executive Officer from 1992 until the sale of the company in 2009. Mr. Valencia received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from California State University, Northridge.